Lycée Louis Vicat (Souillac)

Located in Souillac sur Dordogne, South West of France, the Lycée Louis Vicat is a small high school with general, technological and vocational sections. A total of 373 pupils, aged 15 to 20, study at the lycée. 50 teachers work there. Created in 1932, currently under rehabilitation, it has been through different trainings: first specialized in building tuitions, it now provides more general teachings too. Baccalauréat ES, S (economics, sciences) add to other classes particularly dealing with environmental subjects such as baccalauréat STI2D (Sciences and Technologies of Industry and Sustainable Development). BTS FED and Bâtiment both offer environmentally-minded post-bac diplomas and allow our pupils access to higher studies. They usually come from rural areas surrounding Souillac sur Dordogne. The main activities in this region are tourism, agriculture and a few industries.

Local industries handle luxury perfume bottle elements for French well-known brands. Agriculture is famous for fine delicatessen products around duck, lamb, truffles, wine, walnuts, specific goat cheese (Rocamadour). Tourism includes Rocamadour (pilgrim site on the way to Santiago de Compostela), caves such as Lascaux, castles and famous sites along the Dordogne river.

This rural background is one of the main concerns of both teaching and managing teams. Opening the students ‘minds to culture and broadening their experience are clearly part of the school projects’ major targets. The school policy is actively led along several lines.

  • First through language teaching: English and Spanish languages are taught according to the French national curriculum and every year a one-week cultural travel either in UK or in Spain is organized with and for the students. A more specific scientific and technically-minded English teaching approach is also carried out in several classes thanks to Technical Teaching in English (ETLV); Sciences and Mathematic subjects are taught in English by two acknowledged Maths teachers on a regular basis too.
  • Secondly through challenges such as the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, European projects (Leonardo, Comenius, Euroscola) and finally thanks to a school exchange currently experienced between the Lycée Louis Vicat and the high school Joseph Whitaker of Nottingham-UK.

In addition to this international cultural concern and priority, the lycée has been for several years and is still currently involved in Mathematics group project developments, MATh.en.JEANS with students, teachers and researchers acting together and disseminating their findings at a national congress every year.

Alongside this, the same Maths teachers have created an association called Souillac en Maths which is meant to bring forward Sciences to a more general public of the region.