Guest partners

2 high school are guest partners of M&L project. Even without funding, they want to take part of our method, and follow all our activities. Thank to them, this is the beginning of the M&L dissemination!

Lycée Bellevue, Alès

Coordinator: Sebastien Castagnedoli


Lycée Bellevue opened its MATh.en.JEANS workshop « Chercheurs en Herbe » in September 2017. Since its early days, 20 students answered their teachers’ call for researchers in mathematics and got involved in the project!
The subjects written by Serge DUMONT, researcher for Nîmes CNRS and teacher at Université de Nîmes, attracted the pupils’ curiosity very much. They met every Thursday for 2 hours to advance their research. Thanks to the twinning with Colegiul National Mihail Eminescu (Romania), they were helped by their Romanian counterparts during Skype meetings.

Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu – Centrul Județean de Excelență Satu Mare

Coordinator: Daly Marcuic