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The M&L project is on the Scientix platform!

The M&L project has been published on the Scientix online platform:

Information about the project is now available on this link in English, as well as the other seven languages they offer their content in (German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish). A very good way to promote the project and its approach internationally. Thank you Ariana Vacaretu (Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă) for the submission!

What is Scientix? Scientix collects and promotes best practices in science teaching and learning in Europe, and organises trainings and workshops for STEM teachers.


The Padova MATh.en.JEANS congress, a fantastic showcase of the M&L results

The Padova MATh.en.JEANS congress, organized by the Department of Mathematics « Tullio Levi Civita », of the University of Padova, took place from the 27th to the 29th of March 2018. It gathered more than 250 participants; MATh.en.JEANS students, teachers and researchers from France, Italy and Romania.

Among them, 4 M&L workshops: Liceo Curiel (Padova), Lycée Vaclav Havel (Bègles), Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă (Cluj-Napoca) and Lycée d’Altitude (Briançon).

This international congress, entirely held in English, has been a good opportunity for M&L students to present their international collaborative research work and for the teachers and researchers to discuss about the M&L approach. A very effective way to disseminate information about the project!

See you next year in Iaşi for an even greater international congress!


They are talking about it:

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LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities)

Bègles’ group travel to Padova, la bella vita!

A cancelled flight didn’t prevented them to meet their twinned groupe in Padova!

Students from Lycée Vaclav Havel (Bègles), accompanied by their teachers (Anne-Pascale Lemay, Nadine Castagnos and Cathy Racadot) and and their researcher (Adrien Boussicault) spent 6 days in Padova with their Italian research partners (from Liceo Curiel). The programme, nicely set-up by Mauro Dianin and Luca Fortin (teachers at Liceo Curiel), included M&L joint-research activity, tourism, discovery of Italian lessons, fun and of course a 3-day participation to the Padova MATh.en.JEANS international congress.

You will find here some pictures. More information about this trip will come soon!