Our evaluation method presented during the MATh.en.JEANS summer school

Ariana Vacaretu from CNER and Sébastien Castagnedoli from Lycée Bellevue (Alès) presented an auto-evaluation guide during the MeJ Summer school in Briançon, in august.

Based on the guide made during the MatLan project these two teachers involved in the M&L project presented in front of 40 teachers in MeJ association a way for students to evaluation their progression during the year. This is testing during the project, with all partners. This guide permits to students to evaluate their progress regarding their MeJ activity : in oral communication, foreign language communication, and mathematics…

MeJ members are very careful regarding an « evaluation system » so naturally, an intense discussion followed the presentation. This guide utilisation is very dependent to the teacher who presents it to student, so it has to be used very carefully in order to keep MeJ values.

Non classé, Results

Iași MATh.en.JEANS congress: big meeting for the second year of the project

From the 9 to the 12 of May, 400 participants went to Iași congress, in Romania. With 8 countries represented, that was a record for the association and most of the M&L partners went there.

For some, it concluded their LTTA week, for other, it was one more congress. A special occasion to all students to present their research in english, live an international congress like a researcher, and meet some little researchers like them. During tree days, they presented their work with their twins, visited the city, the university, and listened some mathematics conferences.

Liceo Curiel and Lycée Vaclav Havel, Collège Sainte-Véronique and Colegiul Naţional Iasi, Lycée Arago Colegiul Național B.P Hasdeu, Colegiul National Mihai Eminescuand and Lycée Bellevue, Alès, Lycée d’altitude and Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă presented their year-work by twins. At least, more than 30 subjects were presented.

LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities), Non classé

One week in Romania with Lycée d’altitude and Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă

From the 5th to the 12th of May, twins students and their professors had one week together, for their Maths&languages year.

First, They spent 5 days in Cluj-Napoca, in order to work on their Mathematics research, and the most important for french students, live like Romanians! This exchange was mainly cultural, all french students discovered the habits of their hostess, very welcoming. Despite the weather, they even organized a mathematic treasure hunt across the city. Students could advance in their researches, and work on there common presentation for the congress.

Everyone went to the congress in Iaşi. How? Across the Romanians Carpates of courses! The most amazing thing for everyone. They also visited a traditional life Romanian museum during the trip. The congress, around 400 persons was very fast, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, discussed with all students around Europe.

Next step? Try to write a common article and summit it to the editorial committee of the Association!

LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities), Non classé

When Warsow discover Dordogne valley

Lycée Zmichowska came to visit his twin Lycée Louis Vicat in Souillac, from 30th mars to 7th of april for the LTTA meeting, for the second year of the project.

9 students, their mathematic professor and researcher from Warsaw came during one week, in the South-West of France. Their Program ? Mathematics of course, with a 3 hours seminar each day preparing the congress. It was a very good experience in terms off english communication, and mathematics research. The week were about cultural visits such as Lascaux IV, but the most important: living like a South-West french!

The week finished by the most important thing for M&L students: the congress! Two subjects were presented by the two groups of the twin in english, in front of the 500 participants. Very intimidating, but the students, well prepared succeed and impressed the audience.

Read all the week report here


Lycée Vaclav Havel presents M&L during the Semaine des Maths

On Tuesday, 12th of March, University of Bordeaux welcomed hundred of high school students during The inauguration day of the Semaine des maths. A special moment for students from Vaclav Havel.

5 students from Bègles partner presents Maths&Languages project and their research in front of students from the region. A special moment for them!

They could explains the M&L concept, how do they work and communicate with their twins, and share the first results of their research. All of that in front of students from 11 to 22 years old, quite an exercise!



The second year of M&L started by a transnational meeting

The third transnational meeting happened in Warsaw on the 28 and 29th of september.

The second year of the project just started. These two days of meeting was the occasion to talk about how to evaluate skills of our students, to start to work about the guide « How to build a M&L workshop ».

Also, thanks to our partner of Żmichowska high school (Warsaw), we could discover the school, the city, and the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

This meeting was the occasion to discover the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw.

Non classé

A second transnational meeting to end the first school-year!

25 teachers representing the 10 partner schools (+ 2 invited ones) and the MATh.en.JEANS association gathered on the 31st of May and 1st of June in the Colegiul Naţional Iași (Romania). This second transnational meeting ended the first school-year of Maths&Languages and was the opportunity to review all the activities of the project in 2017-2018.

In short, the physical meetings between twinned teams (LTTAs*) were very much appreciated by students, teachers and researcher as well as joint participations to congresses (in France or in Padova, Italy).  There is more work to be done to harmonise maths research and communication practices and to fix technical issues but everything is running well!

The atmosphere was good and the group looks forward to meeting again in Warsaw for the 3rd transnational meeting (27th-28th of September)!

PS: It should be noted that the M&L partners were pleased to welcome two new schools that are using the M&L approach: Lycée Bellevue (Alès, France) and Colegiul Naţional Mihail Eminescu (Satu Mare, Romania)!

* Learning, Teaching and Training Activities.