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The M&L project is on the Scientix platform!

The M&L project has been published on the Scientix online platform:

Information about the project is now available on this link in English, as well as the other seven languages they offer their content in (German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish). A very good way to promote the project and its approach internationally. Thank you Ariana Vacaretu (Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă) for the submission!

What is Scientix? Scientix collects and promotes best practices in science teaching and learning in Europe, and organises trainings and workshops for STEM teachers.


The Padova MATh.en.JEANS congress, a fantastic showcase of the M&L results

The Padova MATh.en.JEANS congress, organized by the Department of Mathematics « Tullio Levi Civita », of the University of Padova, took place from the 27th to the 29th of March 2018. It gathered more than 250 participants; MATh.en.JEANS students, teachers and researchers from France, Italy and Romania.

Among them, 4 M&L workshops: Liceo Curiel (Padova), Lycée Vaclav Havel (Bègles), Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă (Cluj-Napoca) and Lycée d’Altitude (Briançon).

This international congress, entirely held in English, has been a good opportunity for M&L students to present their international collaborative research work and for the teachers and researchers to discuss about the M&L approach. A very effective way to disseminate information about the project!

See you next year in Iaşi for an even greater international congress!


They are talking about it:

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Briançon students participated in the Forum des mathématiques (Aix-en-Provence)

They had the opportunity to present their research work to the 2 500 participants of this major mathematical event in southern France. They highlighted three of their research topics: Algorithm of video games, Shape of a church bell, The route of the ants (to discover the other research topics that they investigate, click here).

Briançon M&L students holding their stand

Dont hesitate to read the press article published in Le Dauphiné (French newspaper):


29th MATh.en.JEANS congress approaching!

The 29th MATh.en.JEANS congress organisation is under progress. The teams, comprised of volunteer people, are working very hard!

In 2018, 12 congresses will take place in France and abroad between March and April. They will host every participant of the MATh.en.JEANS workshops around the world; students, teachers and researchers. Maths&Languages teams will present their work in Lyon, Montpellier, Nancy, Berlin and Padova (congress held in English).

To discover the other host cities and the programme of each congress, follow this link:


M&L pupils presentation during the inauguration of the Women in mathematics exhibition

The Maths&Languages workshop of Perpignan (Lycée Arago) participated in the inauguration of the Women in mathematics exhibition (Friday 22nd of September, Lycée Jean Lurçat, Perpignan). Two pupils of terminale (girls in the 12th grade) presented their research work about Exotic mathematics in plenary session in order to prove that everybody can be interested in mathematics research without distinction as to gender or age.

M&L pupils presenting their work

This presentation was very well received by the public so the manager of the exhibition, Sylvie Paycha (mathematics researcher at Potsdam University, Germany), decided to upload the pupils’ work on the exhibition website


First dissemination meeting

The MATh.en.JEANS association organized a dissemination meeting about the Maths&Languages project as part of the #ErasmusDays on the 13th of October in Bordeaux. Objectives: present its approach and shape to local partners: Université of Bordeaux, Espe d’Aquitaine, IREM d’Aquitaine, mathematics inspectors, DAREIC, DAAC, CLIL activities representatives and draw the contours of future collaborations.

It gathered 11 people during two hours and the discussions about the M&L approach were very lively and the partnership between the project and local supports in Bordeaux is very promising.