LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities)

Bègles’ group travel to Padova, la bella vita!

A cancelled flight didn’t prevented them to meet their twinned groupe in Padova!

Students from Lycée Vaclav Havel (Bègles), accompanied by their teachers (Anne-Pascale Lemay, Nadine Castagnos and Cathy Racadot) and and their researcher (Adrien Boussicault) spent 6 days in Padova with their Italian research partners (from Liceo Curiel). The programme, nicely set-up by Mauro Dianin and Luca Fortin (teachers at Liceo Curiel), included M&L joint-research activity, tourism, discovery of Italian lessons, fun and of course a 3-day participation to the Padova MATh.en.JEANS international congress.

You will find here some pictures. More information about this trip will come soon!