Our evaluation method presented during the MATh.en.JEANS summer school

Ariana Vacaretu from CNER and Sébastien Castagnedoli from Lycée Bellevue (Alès) presented an auto-evaluation guide during the MeJ Summer school in Briançon, in august.

Based on the guide made during the MatLan project these two teachers involved in the M&L project presented in front of 40 teachers in MeJ association a way for students to evaluation their progression during the year. This is testing during the project, with all partners. This guide permits to students to evaluate their progress regarding their MeJ activity : in oral communication, foreign language communication, and mathematics…

MeJ members are very careful regarding an « evaluation system » so naturally, an intense discussion followed the presentation. This guide utilisation is very dependent to the teacher who presents it to student, so it has to be used very carefully in order to keep MeJ values.