LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities), Non classé

When Warsow discover Dordogne valley

Lycée Zmichowska came to visit his twin Lycée Louis Vicat in Souillac, from 30th mars to 7th of april for the LTTA meeting, for the second year of the project.

9 students, their mathematic professor and researcher from Warsaw came during one week, in the South-West of France. Their Program ? Mathematics of course, with a 3 hours seminar each day preparing the congress. It was a very good experience in terms off english communication, and mathematics research. The week were about cultural visits such as Lascaux IV, but the most important: living like a South-West french!

The week finished by the most important thing for M&L students: the congress! Two subjects were presented by the two groups of the twin in english, in front of the 500 participants. Very intimidating, but the students, well prepared succeed and impressed the audience.

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