LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities), Non classé

One week in Romania with Lycée d’altitude and Colegiul Naţional Emil Racoviţă

From the 5th to the 12th of May, twins students and their professors had one week together, for their Maths&languages year.

First, They spent 5 days in Cluj-Napoca, in order to work on their Mathematics research, and the most important for french students, live like Romanians! This exchange was mainly cultural, all french students discovered the habits of their hostess, very welcoming. Despite the weather, they even organized a mathematic treasure hunt across the city. Students could advance in their researches, and work on there common presentation for the congress.

Everyone went to the congress in Iaşi. How? Across the Romanians Carpates of courses! The most amazing thing for everyone. They also visited a traditional life Romanian museum during the trip. The congress, around 400 persons was very fast, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, discussed with all students around Europe.

Next step? Try to write a common article and summit it to the editorial committee of the Association!